Basic Roofing Tips That Can Save You Money

Basic Roofing Tips That Can Save You Money

Tips to a well maintained roof.

They say, “Protect the roof that protects you” – so true, because a home with a damaged roof also means uncomfortable living. This is the reason why people should know of different roofing tips so their roof is well maintained to make it last longer.

Find the most appropriate roof for your home

There are different types of roofing and these include: gable roof, flat roof, mansard roof, hipped roof, pyramidal hip roof, salt-box roof, shed roof, gambrel roof and bonnet roof. Each type of roof has its own characteristics. Each type of roof has its own advantage and disa

dvantage as well and should be used appropriately because each of them vary according to different factors. One is according to where it is used. Some roofs are meant for places where weather conditions are extreme while some roofs are only for places where weather conditions are fine and moderate. There are roofs that may survive in extreme weather conditions but may not have enough storage space. There are roofs that are very cost-effective because they don’t cost that much and are still able to provide all of your roofing nee

ds. Some roofs have a very awkward look to them so some might find them asymmetrical. This may not be good for people who want everything looking well measured and well done.

Have your roof well maintained

Maintenance may cost you quite a bit in time and effort but it can also mean saving thousands of dollars because of the need to change damaged roofs. To make sure that your roof survives the outer elements and is kept in good condition, here are some roofing tips you may follow.

You must personally inspect your roof at least once a month. Climb up on your roof and check whether there is damage that needs to be immediately fixed. When this is accomplished, you’ll have better chances of saving your roof. Also, check if there is any debris on your roof that you may want to get rid of to keep your roof safe. For example, if you live in a place where there are a lot of trees, check for branches that may fall on your roof should there be strong wind and rain. Check the gutters of your roof because they might be filled with twigs, leaves and pine needles that hinder water from passing through.

Contact a roofing contractor when needed

One of the best roofing tips to follow is to call a roofing contractor for help. There are some roofs that are difficult to reach. There are some home owners who can no longer climb up their roof like the elder people. For these kinds of situation, it is best to call a roofing contractor to check on your roof to find out if there are any fixing needed to be done.

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How Badly Can Hail Storms Damage Your Roof?

 How Badly Can Hail Storms Can Damage Your Roof

The damage that a hail storm has caused may not be seen afterwards.

The size of hail varies widely from a marble to one that is larger than a basketball. The largest to date was found in Nebraska on June 22, 2003. It measures seven inches in diameter. Before this, the largest that measures 5.7 inches in diameter was recovered way back in 1970 in Kansas. Obviously, you can expect bigger damage when the hail is larger. The strength of impact is a major factor.

Hail storms are a big problem in the United States. Aside from roofing damage, they can also ruin crops, dent cars and injure people. The highest cost of damage due to a hail storm in the United States was dated July 11, 1990. It happened in Denver and the damage to properties cost $625 million.

It is hard to measure how much roofing damage a hail storm could do. Generally, when hail falls on a roof, it can damage the granular surface loosening it and making it susceptible to future damages such as leaks. It can result in decreasing the roof’s life span but leaks in the roof do not typically occur immediately. The damage that a hail storm has caused may not be seen afterwards either but you will realize that there is a damage if your roof needs to be replaced sooner than it should have been.

You can tell that there’s roofing damage if there are dents on the roof from where the hail impacted and spots where the granulation was removed in such a way that the asphalt is exposed. If you think that the hail storm damaged your roof, call a professional and have it inspected. If the roof is proven to be damaged by a hail storm, you can file a claim with your insurance company. Whether or not the replacement is covered will be determined by your policy. However, keep in mind that filing a claim may cause the premium to increase and most insurance companies do increase rates after damaging weather incidents like hail storms.

Additionally, you should be careful in choosing a roofing contractor. You may find contractors who go on every house in an area that was affected by a hail storm offering free roof inspections. Do not hire a roofer unless you are certain about his credibility and experience. Hail storms attract a type of roofer known as a stormer. A stormer is someone that comes in from out of town just because they know a major hail storm just came through the area. They’ll help repair your roof but won’t stick around to back the warranty. It is also not recommended that you pay a contractor before a service is provided. Reserve the payments until the work is complete and the cleanup is done.

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