Getting That New Deck

Time For a New Deck?

Whether you have an older deck that is beyond repair that needs replacing or you have never had a deck and wish to add one to your home, L & L Contractors can design and construct a new deck for your home that will become one of the favorite spaces for your family and friends to gather outdoors. Not only can you relax and enjoy the weather outside, but you can also grill out and even eat meals on a deck. We can customize your deck to your specifications and can work with any budget. When planning a new deck, Better Homes and Gardens has some helpful tips and suggestions that can help organize your deck design ideas. In addition, we’ve got some information to assist you when envisioning your new deck.

You have questions. We have answers. Lets get started!

You have questions. We have answers. Lets get started!

  • Take time to brainstorm lots of ideas about your future deck. Think about how you want to use your deck and what features you would like to incorporate. Consider your families’ habits: do you spend a lot of time outdoors? When you entertain, do you host small or large groups? If you like to eat outdoors, a dining area should be a priority. If you wish to use your deck all year round, adding an outdoor fireplace will provide heat during the winter months. If you want to install a stereo system, you will need electrical outlets, which also make it easier to add lights to your deck.
  • Prioritize your wish list. Your budget may not allow you to do everything you would like to do with your deck, and deciding which features are the most important can help with your budgeting.
  • Make a portfolio. Look for deck design ideas in magazines and online, and clip pictures to file in a portfolio to show our design team at L & L Contractors to illustrate what you want in terms of design and style. You will want to choose designs, materials, colors, and configurations that you would like to incorporate in your deck design.
  • Determine a budget. No matter what features you want for your new deck, it is very important to set a budget of how much you can spend on this project. Be realistic, and expect for things to come up that may push the limits of your budget. However, you can control costs by sticking to your original deck plans. Be ready to make compromises when certain features cross your budget lines. L & L Contractors is experienced with working with every size budget and can help you adjust your plans to fit your budget and still get the important features you want.
  • Find deck design professionals to help you achieve your goal of a perfect deck. L & L Contractors can create your desired deck space by advising you on the best materials, location, and layout. An essential part of achieving your plans and goals for a new deck, design professionals actually save you on overall costs like managing workflow to be more efficient and avoiding costly mistakes.

If you are thinking of building a new deck on your home, contact L & L Contractors today to get started on the planning process. With these tips and our expertise, you can easily have the deck of your dreams.

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