Roof Repair Costs: Factors to Consider

Roof Repair Costs

“How much will this roof repair cost?” is one of the most common questions homeowners have. Yes, homeowners insurance does often cover at least part of many roof repair projects, but there are often out of pocket costs and deductibles to consider. So, how much does a roof project cost? Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors that impact roofing estimates. Read more…?

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Best Roofs to Stand the Heat

Best Roofing

If you live in a warm climate and your roof is exposed to the sun, it’s important to consider heat levels and sun damage when picking out roofing materials. What materials will withstand hot summers year after year without suffering wear and tear? Unfortunately, traditional shingles aren’t always good at resisting the summer heat. For the most durable materials, you should consider different kinds of rooftops. Here are the top heat-resistant roofs currently available. Read more…?

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