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When their homes begin to feel packed or overcrowded, many families simply make the decision to start looking for a bigger house. Although moving is one way to solve space or storage issues, the process of moving comes with a large number of headaches. To avoid the pain of unnecessarily house hunting and moving, homeowners should instead consider adding an addition to their existing home.

Adding an addition is a great way to give your family the additional space it needs without the hassle and expense of moving to a new home. Whether there is a new baby on the way, an aging relative that needs to move in, or your family simply needs more living space, adding an addition is a great way to increase the space – and value – of your home.

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Reasons to add an addition

Every family has their own reasons for needing a little extra space. However, these reasons often fall into one of three categories:

  1. Growing families: The house that you bought as a couple might not have enough space for a family of three – or more! If you still love your home and neighborhood, building an addition is a great way to create an extra bedroom. Likewise, additions can create space for aging parents who may need to move in with the family. Instead of squeezing them in to an existing bedroom, an addition will allow you to custom design a space to fit their needs.
  2. Growing value: Added square footage adds resale value to your home. Creating a large, gourmet kitchen, adding an expansive master bathroom, or even adding a second story to a home are all excellent ways to increase the value of your home.
  3. Growing needs: Most families need more of two things in their homes: space and storage. Adding another stall to a garage can create room for another vehicle, sports equipment, a boat, or even a large workspace. Likewise, a sunroom can create a light-filled, multi season space that gives the feeling of being outdoors even on cold winter days.

Why add an addition?

Many homeowners are reluctant to even consider adding an addition to their homes. When they think of building, they think of weeks of living in a construction zone, uncooperative architects, and plans that go obscenely over budget. However, adding an addition is often a much simpler and less expensive option, especially when compared to house hunting and moving.

Adding an addition allows you to stay in the home and neighborhood you already love while still getting the space your family needs. While there is no denying that a construction project may cause minor disruptions to your daily life for a short period of time, additions also come with surprisingly affordable costs and considerably less hassle than packing up and moving an entire household. Likewise, additions are an investment in your home and can significantly increase the resale value.

At L&L Contractors, our goal is to keep your addition as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality. In fact, many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to hear how affordable their addition really is! Contact us today and let us help make your dream addition a reality!

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