The Advantages of Solar Roofing Systems: A Sustainable Solution for Clean Energy


Roof-integrated solar systems have provided a new way of harnessing the sun’s power and transforming it into renewable, clean energy for your home. Unlike conventional solar panels, which are normally unsightly and bulky, solar roofing systems are built to blend perfectly with your existing roofing materials. This implies that you can leverage all the advantages of solar roofing tiles without compromising the aesthetic value of your home.

Solar roofing systems have proven to provide many advantages to businesses and homeowners across the US in recent years. The choice to use advanced solar technology leads to reduced energy bills. Plus, it significantly improves your home’s resale value, energy independence, and tax benefits. If you are ready to install a solar roofing system in your house, keep reading this post to know more about the advantages you will enjoy.

Top 7 Benefits of Solar Roofs

Installing a solar roof offers many advantages for you, the environment and your community. This decision assists you financially in the long run, while also building a sustainable world. If you are considering making that switch, you should think about the benefits.

1. Solar roofing systems can help reduce your home’s electricity bills

A solar roofing system for your home can assist your reliance on the national grid and help you minimize your monthly electricity bills. This is because a solar roof helps you produce energy for your home, which will in turn reduce electricity expenses. However, the amount you will save on your electricity bill will depend on the size of the solar roof and your heat or electricity.

2. Contributes to a safer, healthier, and clean environment

Roof-integrated solar offers a lot of environmental advantages. By utilizing solar energy, you are minimizing your dependence on fossil fuels and reducing your carbon footprint. This can assist to reduce greenhouse gasses in the environment, which is crucial for combating climate change. As a result, you will be working towards a world that is healthier for all.

3. Help to increase your home value

Another advantage of solar roofing systems is that they can increase the value of your property. More than 50% of homebuyers are interested in being equipped with solar energy systems. Installing solar roofs in your home could significantly increase its price tag, helping you get more value off your sale. This implies that if you opt to sell your home in the future, it would be more than it would be without solar roofing systems.

4. Low Maintenance Costs

Solar roofing panels are easy to install, as they don’t have a lot of moving parts. They don’t need a lot of maintenance. You only need to keep them clean, so cleaning them several times per year will do the trick. The cost of maintaining a solar roofing system is significantly low when compared to other energy sources. As these systems don’t have moving parts, the risk of them breaking down is minimized significantly and the expenses of new parts are eliminated entirely. This makes solar roofs the most budget-friendly choice.

5. Solar Roofs provides the best long-term reliability

When comparing energy sources, you should know that solar roofing systems are the most reliable. The energy obtained from the sun is more dependable than power gained from any other source. As long as there is sun, solar roofs can be installed anywhere. For remote locations that have no electricity source, solar power is the obvious electric energy source.

6. Increased Energy Efficiency

Integrated solar roofs can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. This is because the panels are laid in direct contact with your roof and can absorb more sun energy than conventional solar panels. This implies that they can produce more energy and cut down your energy bills.

7. Improves the Aesthetic Appeal of your home

One of the advantages of a solar roofing system is that the panels are integrated seamlessly to the roof itself, making them almost invisible. This implies that they will maintain the overall appearance of your home and can even improve it.

Solar Roof Panel Installation

How do Solar Roofing Systems Work?

While conventional solar panels have been around for several decades, solar roofs are a modern upgrade in efficiency, durability, and aesthetics. Like traditional solar panels, solar roofing shingles utilize sunlight to produce clean, renewable energy via atomic interaction.
Here is how solar roofs work in three simple steps:

  • Harvesting Sunlight

    As photons from the sunlight hit your solar cells, some are reflected back or pass via the cell, while some are absorbed. The solar panel will transform direct current into alternating current that can be utilized as electricity. Panels will charge during the day and capture the energy of the sun.

  • Energy Conversion

    When sunlight hits your roof, it is absorbed by the solar cells, developing a flow of electric current. This direct current (DC) energy is later sent to your solar inverter, which transforms it into the alternating current energy that can power your home.

  • Energy Use

    A solar roofing system helps to produce energy that you can use to power your home. Direct sunshine can significantly contribute to the optimal running of your roofing systems. Any energy that is not being used; it can be stored.

Where to Get a Solar Roofing System

Several companies manufacture solar roofing shingles that you can utilize in residential installations including but not limited to; Tesla, CertainTeed, and Timberline Solar by GAF Energy.

Many homeowners in the US want to make their homes greener to reduce electricity bills and remain friendly to their environment. Adding solar cells to your roof is an amazing way to make your home sustainable in the long run and we can make it easier to do that!

L&L Contractors is the go-to provider for new solar roof installation on properties across the Middle Tennessee area. Our experienced team can help install and replace high-quality solar shingles that will splash your electricity bills and minimize your carbon footprint.

If you are ready to make a switch to solar roofs, schedule a free consultation for immediate assistance today.

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