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Roof Repair Costs: Factors to Consider

“How much will this roof repair cost?” is one of the most common questions homeowners have. Yes, homeowners insurance does often cover at least part of many roof repair projects, but there are often out of pocket costs and deductibles to consider. So, how much does a roof project cost?…
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Best Roofs to Stand the Heat

If you live in a warm climate and your roof is exposed to the sun, it’s important to consider heat levels and sun damage when picking out roofing materials. What materials will withstand hot summers year after year without suffering wear and tear? Unfortunately, traditional shingles aren’t always good at…
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4 Common Metal Roofing Myths

Metal roofs provide certain advantages over other roofing materials. They’re highly durable, require minimal maintenance and can help your home become more energy-efficient. However, there are several myths about metal roofs that have been around for awhile. Learn the truth behind each myth if you’re considering getting this kind of roof…
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How to Prevent Costly Chimney Repairs

A warm fire on a blustery winter day is a simple pleasure that many people enjoy, but each year there are over 25,000 chimney fires in the U.S. alone. Many of these fires were due to improper chimney maintenance. If you want to stay safe and prevent expensive repairs, it is vital to inspect your…
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Dangers of a Leaky Roof

You think your roof might have a slight leak, but you’re not sure. While it may be tempting to delay contacting a professional to check it out, your hesitation could end up costing a lot when it comes to money, health or even a safe place to call home. Locating…
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