Home Repairs to Have Performed Before Cold Weather Hits


With winter right around the corner and temperatures starting to drop, now is the perfect time to consider making home repairs. Because many repairs cannot be made during the winter – or the winter can cause them to get worse – fall is an ideal time to have them fixed. The following are some of the top repairs to have performed before cold weather hits.

1. Repair the roof

When it comes to keeping the elements out, nothing is more important than your roof. Fall is the perfect time of year to have your roof inspected, especially if you think it may have been damaged by any summer storms. Because ice, rain, and snow can make roof problems worse, even minor damage can turn into a major problem during the course of the winter. Completing small roof repairs now can save you from dealing with more serious – and more costly – problems during the winter.

2. Caulk around windows and doors

Approximately one third of an average home’s heat loss occurs through windows and doors. To make sure you’re not letting the heat out – or cold air in – check around door and windows for drafts. If any are found, caulk around the edges to prevent losing energy.

If you have older, single pane windows, replacing them may be the best way to prevent heat loss and save money in the long run. Energy star rated windows may cost slightly more initially, but they can drastically reduce energy loss. Even installing storm windows during the winter can keep your home warmer; storm windows can reduce heat loss by as much as 50% during cold weather.

3. Make quick exterior fixes

While the changing colors of falling autumn leaves are beautiful, they can also cause problems outside your home. To prevent winter weather damage, make sure to clear leaves from gutters and roof-lines. Likewise, fill in gaps, cracks, or holes in driveways or sidewalks before it gets cold; water combined with freezing temperatures can make damage to cement and asphalt worse.

4. Have the heating system inspected

Have your furnace or heating system inspected while the air conditioning is still running. This prevents you from dealing with a faulty furnace when your home actually needs the heat. Likewise, having your heating system serviced before temperatures drop can reduce wait times – as well as costs – because it is a less busy season.

5. Turn off outside faucets

To prevent exterior pipes from freezing when the weather is cold, make sure to turn off outside faucets as well as disconnecting and storing any hoses or attachments. Shutting off the valves and using faucet covers are two additional ways to keep pipers from bursting due to the cold. In addition to turning off faucets, sprinkler systems also need to be winterized; manual or automatic drain valves can help remove some of the water, but the system should be cleared “blown out” using pressurized air to ensure no water remains.

Repairing your home now will keep your family safe and warm all winter long. If you have home repairs that need to be made, contact L&L Contractors today to schedule your free estimate.

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