Revitalize Your Home or Business with a Remodel


Owning a home that is aging or no longer meets your needs leaves you with one of two options: move or remodel. While some may choose to move based on the preconceived notions on the hassles of remodeling, home or business remodels offer more options than ever before.

Before packing boxes or calling for the movers, consider whether a home or business remodel is the right choice for you. At L&L Contractors, we love working with our customers to help them create custom spaces that perfectly meet their needs.


Home remodels add value

More homeowners than ever before are choosing to renovate rather than move. That is because there are a number of benefits to renovation that you cannot get just by moving. Primarily, renovating your home allows you to stay in your current neighborhood and near the schools, churches, or businesses you already know and love. Likewise, renovating allows you to selectively update the areas of your home that no longer work for you while leaving the other spaces intact.

Renovations also allow you to meld the charm of an older home with the convenience of modern amenities. Renovations also allow you to completely customize a space to you and your family’s needs, such as converting an unused basement into a home theater. Lastly, home remodels add value which will increase the selling price should you choose to move in the future.

If your family is out of space in your current home but love your current neighborhood, consider a home addition. Additions can give you more space while allowing you to stay in the home and neighborhood you love.

Business remodels reflect your company’s success

When it comes to remodeling, many stop their thinking at new kitchens or home additions. Remodeling a business, however, can often be just as profitable as a home remodel. While there are a number of reasons for wanting to remodel an office space, freshly updated spaces are often more inviting and comfortable for potential clients or customers.

As your company grows, you may need to readjust your workspace to reflect its new needs. For example, companies may consider swapping cubicles for more modern, open workspaces. Likewise, old or outdated furnishing can be replaced with newer, more functional, or more contemporary versions.

Remodeling your business or office shows your clients and customers that you have been successful enough that you can reinvest in your space. Doing something as replacing old office furniture or adding new light fixtures is an easy and cost effective way to update your entire workspace.

Our recent projects

Recently, we worked with Cultivate Coworking to remodel their new office space. We were able to totally transform the entirety of their unfinished building into a modern office space with vintage design elements. The remodel of the space included an open office space, break room, conference room, and restrooms among many other areas. A virtual tour of the office before can be found here; likewise, a 360 degree tour of the beautiful finished building can be found here.

If you’re interested into breathing new life into your home or business, contact L&L Contractors today. We love working with our clients to make their visions a reality and create a custom space that meets both their needs and their budget.

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