We Also Install Aluminum Wraps (Fascia, Windows, Doors)!

L & L Contractors is often asked to “wrap,” “cap,” or “clad” our customers’ doors, windows, fascia, and more in aluminum. Available in hundreds of colors and textures, including smooth and wood grain finishes, aluminum trim is affordable, durable and can create a custom-look on your home. On exteriors around the Nashville and Murfreesboro area, our contractors install wraps that effectively keep moisture out of our customers’ homes and help extend the life of their doors and windows.


Our trained professionals know how to efficiently and properly measure, cut, bend, and wrap aluminum trim around existing or new wood casing trim on windows, entry doors, and garage doors. When installed by an expert, aluminum wraps will keep your wooden windows and doors from rotting, and will allow you to enjoy other benefits as well.

Why Wrap Your Windows, Doors, And Fascia?

  • Protect new wood trim from the elements
  • Provide a neat, clean look
  • Update aging trim
  • Reduce future paint maintenance
  • May increase energy efficiency by decreasing drafts
  • May be painted if so desired
  • Low maintenance or maintenance-free

Choose A Professional To Wrap Your Trim


It’s very important that wrapping or “capping” be done by a professional with plenty of experience with this line of work. Wrapping sometimes gets a bad rap (no pun intended) because, when done improperly, it can really just further aggravate certain problems. Above all, it’s important that aluminum wraps not be used to mask rotting wood, which will only continue to deteriorate under the wrap. In fact capping a rotten window may only accelerate the process.

L & L Contractors will be able to ascertain whether or not your windows, doors, and fascia are good candidates for aluminum wrapping. It’s typically a good idea to wrap new installation windows and doors, though some existing windows and doors—if not water-damaged—may also be suitable for wrapping.

If you would like a free window or door wrapping quote, contact us today. We also handle roofing work and window installation in the greater Murfreesboro, Tennessee, area. What are you waiting for? Call us today at (615) 617-3189!


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