L&L Contractors Honors Veteran with Free New Roof, As Part of Vettes for Vets Program


At L&L Contractors, we find it important to give back to those who served our country. That’s why we partner with Vettes for Vets, an organization that helps serve veterans in need of home renovation services. Through this partnership, we give one new roof away each year to a local veteran, as a way to honor their service to our country and build community and goodwill. 

In this article, we will detail this recent collaboration with our team that embodies not just our commitment to excellence in roofing service but also our dedication to community service and giving back to our community.

Korean War Veteran in Murfreesboro, TN, Receives New Roof 

This past month, 92 year-old Korean War Veteran and Murfreesboro, TN, resident got a surprise “knock” on his door, in which our team notified him of being selected as the recipient of a free new roof and thanked him for his service to our great country. 

From there, we completed a roof replacement from our team. On the day of installation, our entire team was in attendance to honor this veteran. Because we know how important it is to support our veterans. In fact, our leadership team here at L&L Contractors consists of veterans who have served, including Russ Hensley and Ed Schoen.

“He [served] in the Korean War. It’s such a special thing to me because I was a veteran and we’re out here with our entire team,” said Russ Hensley, CEO at L&L Contractors. 

“[This is] close to my heart because I’m also a Navy veteran. We’re doing a complete roof replacement, we’re going to be putting some gutter guards on, and then we’re also going to do a flagpole out in their front yard so we can hang Old Glory from it,” said Ed Schoen, Operations Manager at L&L Contractors.

L&L Contractors measures success by the Square Foot, which is represented by the acronym SQFT, where ‘S’ stands for ‘Service,’ ‘Q’ for ‘Quality,’ ‘F’ for ‘Family,’ and ‘T’ for ‘Trust.’

“One of our core values is we measure by the square foot and the ‘F’ stands for family and these clients are part of our family now as well as the crew and every single team member we have out,” Russ stated. 

Watch our recent video highlighting this project from start to finish.


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We love supporting our local Middle Tennessee community. This free roof for a veteran initiative is a project near and dear to us, and we hope you enjoyed this heartwarming story that showcases what our team has been up to recently.

As you can see, we continue to embody our core values of SQFT by making a difference each and every day in our community. Since 2006, we have been proudly serving the Middle Tennessee community, and we are the best home improvement company for your next project. 

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